The Opal Coast

Musée 39-45


Thousands of original artefacts and over 100 models recreate the period from the Polish campaign to the Japanese surrender through an impressive collection of original outfits. Visitors can also watch a film about D-Day and the Battle of Normandy in a 1940s cinema.

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Musée du Mur de l'Atlantique


During the Second World War, 800 kg shells were shot towards England from the Batterie Todt German blockhouse. Exhibition of a marine artillery K5 280 mm-calibre German gun mounted on rails, unique in Europe! Collection of weapons, daggers, ammunition and fighting equipment.

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Berck-sur-Mer Museum©Frederik Astier

Musée de Berck-sur-Mer


Exhibition of an excellent collection of paintings by the members of one of the most vibrant communities of artists of the XIXth century. The archaeological collections are the only ones in the region to include objects found in sub-aquatic searches.

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The Crypt of Notre-Dame Basilica


One of the biggest in France, this maze of underground galleries, with its walls and vaults entirely covered with frescoes, houses collections of tombstones and sacred art, evidence of the medieval church and the worship of Notre-Dame de Boulogne. Thanks to its archaeological ruins that date back to Roman times, this also constitutes a remembrance site for the city’s 2000 years of history.

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The Belfry


This 75-metre red brick belfry with white stone sculptures in a Flemish Neo-Renaissance style offers an amazing view on the town.

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    Museum for Lace and Fashion


    Established inside an authentic XIXth century lace factory, the Cité is a museum of both fashion and industry. Its vast galleries present the manufacturing techniques, the lingerie and haute couture associated with lace, as well as its most contemporary aspects.

    You will also discover the lace weaving looms in operation, those monumental cast iron machines that produce exceptionally fine fabric. 

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      Nausicaa©AS Flament



      Nausicaa is much more than just an aquarium. It is a unique centre for the discovery of the marine environment which is fun, educational and scientific all at the same time, focusing mainly on the relationship between mankind and the sea.

      58,000 animals, giant aquariums, underwater explorations, cutting-edge technologies, all within a grandiose setting.

      An amazing destination for sea lovers.

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      This adventure trail in the trees will be perfect for those who love nature. Toboggan, wooden footbridge, net, barrel at ground level for toddlers, 2 courses for children 5-8 years old, 3 middle level courses, accessible from 9 years old and 5 courses from easy to sporting level.

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        Musée de Mémoire 39-45


        This ancient bunker, which during the Second World War used to be a command post for the German Navy, exhibits objects, uniforms and weapons narrating the history of the city from Sep 1939 to its liberation in Sep 1944, as well as showing the day-to-day life under the occupation.

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          Château d'Hardelot


          The Château d’Hardelot is a beautiful site and a surprising neo-gothic manor from the XIXth Century created by Englishman Henry Guy. Dining room, smoking room, billiard room, private apartments, cabinet of curiosities, romantic gardens, the visit leads you back to Victorian Times. Visitors will also enjoy a rich program of activities and temporary exhibitions.

          On the greensward of the Chateau, the unique Elizabethan theater of France offers exceptional performances through major seasonal events

          (Medieval Spring, Shakespeare Nights, Midsummer Festival, Summer Season …)

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              Calais Lighthouse


              Those who are brave enough to climb its 271 steps will be rewarded by a magnificent view over Calais, the port and countryside around.

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                Etaples Military Cemetery©Rémi Vimont

                Etaples Military Cemetery

                The cemetery was built on the site of a 1st World War military camp. On the semi-circular rocky outcrop, Sir Edwin Lutyens designed this 70-metre long terrace flanked on both sides by a majestic arch crowned by four immobile stone flags. From the high cross which stands behind the memorial stone, a monumental staircase, joined by five flights of stairs, leads down to the necropolis where 10,772 Members of the Commonwealth Forces (as well as 658 German soldiers) who fell between 1914 and 1918 rest in peace. Soldiers who fell in the Second World War are also buried here.

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                Covering an area of 26 hectares this amusement park allows you to share special moments with family and friends, with a variety of rides for little kids as well as thrill seekers and with no less than 40 attractions and amazing shows

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                    Maison du Site des Deux Caps©Eric Desaunois

                    Maison du Site des Deux Caps


                    The Maison du Site des Deux-Caps welcomes visitors with a programme of nature and discovery activities on the Grand Site (area of outstanding natural beauty). Nordic walking, electric bike hire, departure points for walks and mountain bike trails.

                    A permanent exhibition offers an interactive visit to discover the Grand Site des Deux-Caps, its history, its fauna and flora and the importance of protecting the environment.

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                    Succès Berckois


                    Artisan sweet-maker

                    Discover the celebrated boiled sweets and how they have been made since their creation in 1922. You can witness sugar being transformed into delicious bonbons.

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                      Maison de la Beurière


                      This tiny but excellent museum is in an authentic fisherman’s house, situated in the old fisherman’s quarter. It recounts what life was like in this steep little street at the beginning of the 20th century: furniture, possessions, engravings and clothes.

                       Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 30 14 52



                      Notre-Dame de Boulogne Basilica©Fabien Coisy

                      Notre-Dame de Boulogne Basilica


                      An eclectic 19th century monument, the Basilica was rebuilt on the ruins of the old Roman and Gothic edifice destroyed under the French Directory. Its dome and cupola make Notre-Dame a colossal monument that dominates the city.

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                      Built in the 13th Century by Count Philippe Hurepel, the museum is located in a monument soaked in history, the castle of the Counts of Boulogne. Today it offers fascinating collections from the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures to other cultures outside Europe, with objects from Oceania and Africa and the famous collection of masks from Alaska.

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                      Musée des Beaux Arts


                      The museum presents a vast collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs dating from the XVIth century. An entire room is dedicated to Rodin and the studies for his masterpiece, the Burghers of Calais.

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                        Calais Dragon©Fred Collier-Ville de Calais

                        La Compagnie du Dragon


                        The Compagnie du Dragon offers you a unique experience, aboard the Calais Dragon, a monumental steel and carved wood construction created by François Delarozière. You will climb along its tail to embark on a covered carriage for a 30 min trip on his back from where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the seafront and the town.

                        Prior booking is highly recommended !

                        Tel : 00 33 (0)3 66 62 60 00


                        Meccano Lab


                        Meccano Lab is an interactive educational play space where children and parents alike can build boxed models or create their own. Giant models are also on display. Drop in for half an hour, an hour or more!


                            Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage

                            Le Touquet

                            Housed within the « Way Side » villa, representative of the resort’s stylish architecture of the 1920s, the Museum immerses you in modern art, from the late XIXth Century to the present day. The museum regularly organises temporary exhibitions and workshops for children.

                            Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 05 62 62


                                Maréis, Seafishing Discovery Centre


                                Both a museum and an aquarium, Maréis presents the life of fishermen. The visit starts on the dockyard in a trawler replica and ends in the sea with the Channel and North species, which can be seen in the aquariums.

                                Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 09 04 00



                                    Musée de la Marine


                                    In a former 19th century fish market, discover a century in the life and work of the fishermen and their families: the evolution of boats and fishing techniques, clothes. Videos and audio-guide on the heritage of the port town.

                                    Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 09 77 21




                                        A whole world of outdoor activities. A pedal-kart circuit, a wooden fence maze covering 1,500m2, a 35,000m2 corn maze (open Jul- Aug-Sep),obstacle course, waterball, soft play area, zipline, bubble football, bumper boats,…

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                                            Colonne de la Grande Armée


                                            On 16th Aug 1804, Napoleon awarded the first ever Legion of Honour to a soldier while at camp near Boulogne. The 54m column was erected in his honour between 1804 and 1824. 263 steps lead to the statue and offer a magnificent view of the Boulogne region.

                                            Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 91 91 26 / 00 33 (0)7 68 82 97 15



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